Hi! I'm Meghan

Hey guys, it's Meghan! I am an avid jewelry buyer/collector/fanatic, so I decided to take what I love and turn it in to a blog. Never thought I would become the blogger type, but as an accountant I really needed a creative outlet! I hope that I may use this space to show people great new brands and unique pieces in the jewelry world. Also, I want to feature fashion, food, friends and cocktails that I stumble upon in my own city and while I travel....whenever I can do that again!

I am a Baton Rouge, LA native who graduated from LSU in Accounting 2019. I am currently working towards my MBA from UL Lafayette as well, which I plan to finish this summer! As someone who is about to go work at a Big Four accounting firm, I want to find more enjoyable, light hobbies that make me smile. I hope you enjoy what I share and maybe learn some new things you did not know about!


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