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A Desire For More: Charcuterie and Craft Queen

Desiree Jones is a Baton Rouge, LA native who is creating precious charcuterie boxes, crafts and so much more!

Desiree started A Desire For More as a means to showcase her concepts and ideas in a creative way. She is currently working to grow her charcuterie business, but she also cooks, designs spaces and crafts unique decor for herself and others. As you can see, Desiree creates vibrant, delicious charcuterie boards using sweet and savory foods that are bound to appeal to every palate.

Initially, Desiree was hesitant to begin her business but became inspired by her parents to go ahead and make her dream a reality. Her mother is an entrepreneur who owns a private Marriage and Family Therapy practice, so starting a business is not a completely foreign concept to Desiree. She says that her dad pushes her to think hard and strive to be her best, which allows her to create the best possible product for her family.

Desiree began creating additional pieces outside of her charcuterie boxes, including pom pom walls. She saw the idea on TikTok and decided to go for it. Utilizing the skills from this project, Desiree has been able to make more items with her handcrafted pom poms, including customized wrapping materials for gifts.

In 2021, Desiree hopes to officially become a real business. After getting all of her ducks in a row, Desiree will be able to grow her business and reach many more customers across the Baton Rouge area!

Reach out to Desiree Jones the next time you need a special charcuterie box for your party or get together!

Cannot wait to see you grow big in 2021, Desiree!



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