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Caitlin Jane Illustration

Caitlin Jordan is an independent artist who is finishing up her BFA from SCAD, Savannah College of Art and Design. She is currently based out of Fairfax, VA, but you can often find her creating in Baton Rouge, LA and Savannah, GA.

Caitlin designs scientific illustrations, surfaces and textiles. Her work ranges from technical, fine detail illustrations, to colorful funky and fun pattern work for clothing, stationery and everything in between.

Caitlin started her education at LSU, but transferred over to SCAD in 2017. This change was a leap of faith for Caitlin, because she essentially had to start her college education all over again. After a few weeks, she knew SCAD was exactly the place she needed to be to be able to learn from the best. She knew that the education at SCAD would "allow her to be the successful in the art business, no matter what." Here, she has mastered the craft of surface design and pattern with the help of her amazing peers and professors.

Caitlin is inspired by many artists, but particularly by the work of Katie Scott "who combines magical scientific illustration into gorgeous patterns of all kinds." Caitlin also is heavily inspired by her professors who have all had amazing careers with large art companies as well as their own freelance business. Caitlin also is inspired by all of her peers and fellow artists on Instagram, all of which help her grow into the best possible artist she can be!

Caitlin's large and impressive portfolio has landed her an incredible full-time job with Hallmark, which has been a dream job of hers for so long.

As Caitlin wraps up her degree from SCAD and transitions to her full time job for Hallmark (working from home), she looks forward to many exciting opportunities in 2021! Caitlin has attended arts market with her mother before, but hopes to start creating enough material to have her own booth by the end of 2021! She plans on selling fabrics, prints, stickers and more. Down the line, you can expect to see Caitlin starting her own freelance business as well!

All of Caitlin's art can be found on www.caitlinjaneillustration.artstation.com or her Instagram (@caitlinjaneillustration)!

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