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Cheryl Palmer Designs

Based out of Baton Rouge, Cheryl Palmer Designs has grown an incredible client base all over Louisiana and surrounding states. She helps clients achieve the weddings and homes of their dreams with her special artistic touch!

Cheryl Palmer is a professional artist and wedding designer. Most of her art is commission based, but she tries to create extra inventory so that she is able to attend at least two big local art shows per year. Her commission based work is really special to her, because she gets to create custom pieces for her clients that have a lot of meaning and purpose. Cheryl also loves meeting customers at local art shows as well, because it allows her to connect with so many new people! Cheryl creates unique paintings that are very vibrant and full of texture. Whether the picture is abstract, has a landmark or an angel, it is always a soothing sight.

For weddings, Cheryl handles the coordination, designing and planning for her clients. She can handle any element of a wedding that is needed. She says she loves the "camaraderie of working with all of the vendors, the organizational piece that comes with planning and coordinating, and the creative piece that comes with bringing their vision come to life."

This picture to the left is one of the weddings she recently did at Marche' in New Orleans. As you can see, she creates the most beautiful wedding atmosphere with her floral arrangements and table settings.

While Cheryl has been able to realize a lot of success from her design business, she had to take a really big leap of faith to get here. Before becoming a full time artist and designer, she worked a full time job. The long hours she worked made her sacrifice a lot of family time, and it got to a point where she decided to create a new chapter in her life. She had always done art and design on the side, but was extremely nervous to forgo the steady paycheck and commit her time to art. Through a lot of prayer, support, and love from her husband and three boys, she decided to take the chance. Ever since, Cheryl has stayed busier than ever working her dream job, creating pieces and designing spaces for people she loves. Cheryl says she is so grateful for the amazing life God has graced her with.

Cheryl has been met with so many fond memories as she has navigated her way through this business. She says "when someone puts trust in you to plan or design their special day, or to create a happy environment in their home, or when they ask you to create a piece of art that is meaningful to them, it is very humbling and it brings me more joy than I have words to describe!"

Cheryl says she would not be where she is today without the constant love and encouragement from friends and family. Through the process of growing her business, Cheryl has lost two special friends, Mary and Amy. Mary and Amy always pushed Cheryl in a way that she needed to succeed. She prays that she is able to "continue to earn the faith they had in me and honor their memory every day."

In Mary's honor, Cheryl has created a line of angel paintings called "Mary's Comfort Angels" as a means to provide hope and healing to those who need it.

Here is how you can connect with Cheryl:

- On Instagram: @cherylpalmerdesigns

- On Facebook: Cheryl Palmer Designs

- Via Email: cherylpalmerdesigns@gmail.com

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