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Custom Coasters with J2P Laser Designs!

Updated: Mar 1

Three LSU grads decided to make a product every household needs, but with a unique twist!

The J2P Laser Designs team is based out of Baton Rouge, LA. The three guys behind the business are Joshua Nwokorie, Paul Durfee, and Joshua deBoisblanc.

J2P Laser Designs creates custom coasters for companies and individuals. Utilizing laser technology, they are able to create a coaster with any photo or artwork their customer may have. Their products are unique because customers are able to have exactly what they want on a coaster, which makes for a more meaningful, enjoyable product. J2P Laser Designs also creates custom cutting boards, charcuterie boards and chess boards!

Starting their business during the COVID-19 pandemic was a huge risk. Acquiring the laser engraver and all additional materials needed was a huge expense at first, but they have had some incredible sales since beginning! In fact, the guys sold over 50 coasters within their first month and a half of business.

J2P Laser Designs was also able to have their first pop-up at Lighthouse Coffee Shop recently. It was so rewarding for them to their customers face to face, especially during such a strange time.

Social media has been able to allow J2P Laser Designs to grow their business in such strange, unprecedented times. Social media allows them to interact with customers and determine exactly what each customer wants them to create. Co-founder Joshua Nwokorie also cites that his degree in Entrepreneurship from LSU has allowed him to stay inspired and work on strategically growing their business.

In 2021, the guys want to partner with more local businesses and become their exclusive coaster creators. If J2P Laser Designs is able to create branded coasters for businesses, it would allow the business itself to create a new line of merchandise, while also giving J2P Laser Designs some more exposure. This type of partnership would allow both parties to win... we LOVE to see it!

You can contact J2P Laser Designs through the following channels:

- Website: www.j2plasers.com

- Email: j2plasers@gmail.com

- Instagram: @j2p_lasers

- Twitter: J2PLasers

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