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Custom Decor & Accesories with Pey10 Paints!

Peyton Gutierrez is an artist based out of Houston, TX. She paints denim jackets, champagne bottles, graduation caps, canvases, cups and glasses!

By day, Peyton is a full time software engineer. Peyton is a self taught artist, and is hoping that she can start collaborating with local boutiques to get some of her hand painted products in store fronts! Eventually, Peyton also wants to get a booth at the Houston Rodeo to showcase her items there.

Literally anything you could want painted on an object, Peyton can make happen! I personally love her custom champagne bottles....look how cute!

Peyton says she loves to see people wearing her jackets and hanging her art in their homes. Being able to have such a fun, customizable creative outlet is really enjoyable for her. She also loves to getting to know all of the people she collaborates with.

Peyton is inspired by everything around her. Her mother always reminds her why she loves to create, so that really helps her stay focused on her business!

This year, Peyton wants to continue to paint more things and reach new customers! She also plans to learn new techniques, so that she begin to paint more things that are more realistic and out of her comfort zone!

Peyton can ship her artwork from Houston, TX to wherever you are!

Follow @pey10paints on Instagram & DM her to get a custom hand painted piece for yourself!

Anything you have in mind, Peyton can create!

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