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#DigitalArt: EM M Creative & Co.

Emily McDowell is an artist who is currently based in Nashville, TN, but her hometown is here in Louisiana!

Emily creates and sells custom portraits! Emily can draw up any subject you give her, whether it be your cats, dogs, or best friends. On Instagram, you can also see her other little doodles that she creates for fun and makes prints of.

She says that she was really nervous to start her art business, because putting herself out there was nerve-wracking. However, it has proven to pay off as she continues to advertise, promote her brand and get referrals from customers. Nothing feels better or more rewarding to Emily than getting a DM from someone she doesn't know, asking to get her to create their custom portrait.

Emily's portraits make the perfect customized gift to give to your friends and family! Emily has created portraits of me and my boyfriend, my cats, and done special projects for my friends! She has very good attention to detail and adds in every little detail from your live picture.

With all of the support Emily gets from her family and friends, she stays encouraged to keep working on her business and building her brand. Without being pushed to start an Instagram account, Emily does not think she would be where she is today! Instagram also is a really good channel for her to connect with art community and meet new faces.

In 2021, Emily wants to expand her Etsy shop. She plans to branch out of her comfort zone and start selling more prints and even stickers! Her Etsy shop is going to be a good platform for her to create and sell different types of art. Through her Etsy shop and Instagram, Emily is bound to meet a ton of new, eager customers this year! I cannot wait to see what new items you have to offer, Emily!

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