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Amanda Roser has turned her small business into a blog, and is loving every second of it! Read below to hear her story and some tips on how to get into the blogging world!

I’m Amanda! A marketing professional, turned mom, turned blogger/ owner of digitalmomlife.com

My world used to be all about building out marketing campaigns, researching a variety of industries for projects, analyzing data of websites, creating corporate presentations, stressing about making the deadline to publish eBooks, creating social posts for products I wasn’t passionate about, and running to countless meetings. This was my life working in corporate America for almost 13 years.

The career that I built for over a decade came to a halt in 2019 when I decided to be a stay at home mom to raise my 2 little ones. It was an exciting feeling to know I would be able to do something like this, but it was scary to walk away from something I have worked so hard to build. It wasn’t long after being away from the corporate world I felt like I was missing something.

New Job Title

Fast forward 5 months (Oct. 2019) into the job role as full-time Stay at Home Mom - I kicked started my own small marketing business. I found a few clients that hired me to manage their social media, while I continued to juggle 2 kids.

It was great, I would work at night and on the weekends to get the job done. Their followers and engagement was going up since I started and my belief in the future of this business felt real.

The New Year rolled around and I was ready to really get moving! I had created some achievable goals, smart strategies to accomplish those goals, discovered new tools to turn the strategy into tactics to make all of the magic happen. I was ready.

And Then Comes a Global Pandemic - COVID-19 Shook the World and a lot of Businesses (including mine)…

I definitely didn’t see this coming, but I knew what was coming with my clients. They started to make the call around that they wouldn’t need my services and by September 2020 I lost my last client. I totally understood. They didn’t know what the future looked like either and they needed to protect their funds.

I took this time to re-evaluate this Stay at Home Mom gig. Maybe ‘Just a Mom’ is my title for this time in life.

In the fall I still felt a tug like there was something more that I needed to add to my days to make my cup feel more full (like it wasn’t full enough with 2 kids under 3). One evening my husband walked into the room and said “I read your LinkedIn article today, it was really good and you have a lot of likes on it.” Wait, I have a lot of likes? Ever since being an at home mom, I normally just post and never look back at the engagement. But he was right, I did have a lot of likes! That’s when he proposed the idea of turning my content into a blog.

GENIUS! Why didn’t I think of this? I mean I have been in marketing for so long, why didn’t I think of the idea of creating my own blog?

New Beginnings filled with Content, Design and Mommying

In late October 2020 we started to turn this idea into reality and DigitalMomLife.com was born in just 1 weekend!

My husband was surprised how fast I designed, created new content and launched this site, but when I put my mind to something I love I roll with it and I roll fast. It was a wild + late night roller coaster to get it going, but getting over 100 views in 1 post in less than 48 hours was so exciting and pushed me to keep going with this.

To keep up with 2 kids, a house and a blog I knew I needed a schedule to balance it all and make this new life happen. The schedule consisted of creating new post content and graphics for promotion, as well as playdough time, PB&J and reading princess books. This schedule is unlike any other that I have lived on over the last 13 years, but man it sure is a fun and rewarding schedule.

A Few Thoughts on Starting a Blog

Getting Started: For me starting a blog wasn’t the scary part - it was being open, honest and sometimes raw with words to allow this space to not just be another “Mom Blog”. I wanted this to be inspiring, I wanted it to resonate with other women, I wanted it to provide insight + tips + guides and anything that just helps to better another family.

Finances: On the financial side of starting a blog, I fall into the conservative side, but my husband nudged me to go ahead and buy the domain if this will become me. So I did just that, I bought the domain through the host platform (it was crazy easy). And that was the moment DigitalMomLife.com was truly born. Seeing MY domain real and life made the reality of this new life REAL! Putting a few dollars into this site allows me to do so much with the site to make it easier for my readers to access and it helps me offer more opportunities to brands and/or companies that I want to work with on the content side.

Saturated Market: When I first started to create new content it crossed my mind if my content would be seen. I mean the mommy blogger market can appear saturated, but the reality is, we all have different stories, different voices, different families. And that is what makes blogging in this category so unique.

What Success Looks Like: For me, I try not to look at the numbers too much. Coming from a corporate background, I will start comparing that experience to my start-up site and that is like comparing apples to oranges. For me, I enjoy being able to reach parents from all around the world and for my content to resonate with them, inspire them, touch them emotionally. If it’s just a handful of parents, I know I did my job as a content writer, as someone has read it and (fingers crossed) what you wrote may have made a difference in their life.

First Partnership/ Affiliate Writing Gig: I think you always remember your first paid gig and for me it was a fun one, it was working with Santa! I found an affiliate marketing company that connects writers with businesses looking for someone to help share their product with the world. I applied for a few writing opportunities and Santa picked me (sounds silly, but it was a fun writing gig). Surprisingly this blog post Jolly Christmas at Home: Zoom'ing With Santa Claus pulled in over 200 views, it was one of my highest performing blogs for a short promo time (I wrote it 3 weeks before Christmas). It was all organic views, so it was very fulfilling to see that view count. The post only brought me a few dollars, but it was fun to write and it w as a great first affiliate gig.

Growing Blogging in a Business: Blogging isn’t easy if you want this to bring in some form of income.To an outsider reading in, it looks like it’s just some content on a webpage. But there is so much to it - there is research, the time it takes to write, searching for images, creating promotions for the article, designing graphics for different platforms. And then if you add affiliate marketing, there is the research to finding someone to write for, the time of creating a relationship, reviews, sometimes approvals. Blogging = Time. And Time = Money if you are patient and work at it.

Dream Job: So I wouldn’t say blogging is my dream job, it’s more of the foundation to growing this page into a brand and into a business. I am currently working on adding a shop to the page and including products that I am passionate about. I think that is key to molding a blog into your dream, finding something you are passionate about and growing it to become you.

Advice to Those Looking to Get into the Blogging World:

  1. Believe in yourself and your voice.

  2. Write about something(s) you are passionate about.

  3. Be consistent on how many times you post on your blog.

  4. Don’t worry about the critiques.

  5. Treat your blog like it’s your child.

  6. Have fun!

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