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Eating Well With Everlasting Eats!

Victoria Nuccio is certified fitness and nutrition coach based in New Orleans with a mission to teach people how to properly nourish their bodies so that they can live their best life!

In 2019, Victoria noticed she was always being asked what she eats in a day. She had been able to completely transform her eating habits, and everyone was noticing how awesome she looked and felt. After awhile, Victoria decided to create her Instagram account, @everlastingeats. Everlasting Eats has been the perfect platform to share her nutrition journey, so that she can inspire people to become their healthiest self.

Victoria shares healthy recipes, weekly grocery hauls, supplements and tips that help people to become healthier. Since she began her Instagram blog, she became a NESTA certified fitness nutrition coach. As she has grown, she has been able to get into selling personalized, macro-based meal plans for her clients that are tailored to their nutritional needs and goals.

Victoria said that starting this blog was an easy decision for her, and that she continues to educate herself about nutrition. While managing this blog, she also works two jobs as an office manager at a health clinic and a group fitness instructor.

Victoria spends virtually nothing on advertising and almost all of her clients have found out about her through word of mouth. She says it is a such"a rewarding feeling knowing someone has put their full trust in you while watching them transform week by week." She is shocked that her small Instagram blog has grown to be such a powerful tool to reach and help people from all over. In fact, the health clinic she manages is owned by someone who is starting up a meal prepping company, so Victoria has been able to really help lead that team. One of her fondest memories so far was her first 5-star review on Facebook, who she had never even met personally, but now gets to work side by side with.

She says that "being surrounded by like-minded people who also want to feel better, look better, and just be a better person inside and out is all the inspiration I need." She has found so much purpose and enjoyment "creating meal plans and

content for health conscious or health curious individuals."

All of this being said, BIG things are coming up for Victoria in 2021! Her client base and follower base is growing, and she is falling more in love with this job every day. Her big goal for the year is to purchase her first home.

Buying a home has been a dream of hers for years now, and she cannot wait to finally make that dream a reality!

Cannot wait to see everything you accomplish this year, Victoria!

Instagram: @everlastingeats

Facebook: My Guide To a Healthier You

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