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Fashion Tik Tok Queen: ItsCelesta

ItsCelesta has over 70k followers on Tik Tok, and she teaches us everything about bags! I have been able to befriend Celesta through social media, and learn more about her! Learn about her, her favorite trends and more below!

Tell me about you!

My name is Celesta. I’m located in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’m a digital marketing professional working at a tech company.

What type of content do you create?

I’m a content creator primarily focused on luxury handbags and fashion. I have always had a passion for handbags and what started as a “joke” downloading Tiktok in the start of a pandemic, turned into a handbag community of 70k+ members. Working in a male dominated industry, I don’t exactly have a “community” or even a few people to bond with about handbags, so it’s been great having this creative outlet on Tiktok.

What social media platforms are you on?

I am on Instagram, Tik Tok and I have my own blog (https://simplycelesta.wixsite.com/home) Combined across all platforms, I have about 75,000 followers.

How has your social media presence changed your life?

It’s kind of crazy to think I have a “social media presence”. I do notice that I’ve been spending more money on handbags/shopping in general, simply to create content. People like to see the bag reviews and unboxings, and I find myself spending more money just to create content. I’ve also met some amazing people on this app. I have a group chat with @thisisfionn and @thejeffreyhuang just to talk about all things luxe and shopping. I have another group chat with my Tik Tok Live moderators who help moderate the live and join almost every one of my daily lives and I’ve

connected with some other Tik Tok creators who have given me advice on negotiating brand deals, etc. and I am so grateful. I have gotten recognized in public a few times and I love it! I love meeting people and the confidence people have to go up to a random stranger and ask if you’re the girl from Tik Tok… I could never!

Lastly, I think I’ve learned to compartmentalize and private certain aspects of my life.

my life. I’ve tried my best to keep my professional work and Tik Tok separate. Not that I create content that is “inappropriate”, but what started as a joke in the middle of a pandemic, which grew to almost 50,000 followers, creates a lot of chatter at work. My manager and coworkers have all found me on Tik Tok. (Thankfully) I don’t post anything TOO cringey but it never feels like the most work appropriate/professional conversation to have.

I’ve also had to create comment filters to exclude the name of the company I work for and privated my LinkedIn. I know I am not violating social media policies at work, but people on the internet are crazy and I don’t feel like where I work is relevant to the videos I post.

What type of handbag trend will never go away? What is your all time favorite brand?

I think mini bags (not micro bag necklaces but still useful mini bags) will continue to stay with us for a while. I think there will always be a demand for people who just prefer to carry a smaller bag and only need their essentials. As someone who is petite, I also think mini bags look more proportional to my frame as well. I don’t think it’ll be as hyped up as it is now since bag trends typically come in waves for mini bags/large bags, but I don’t really see mini bags ever going away. My all time favorite brand.. that’s a tricky question. I would say historically, my favorite brand is Louis Vuitton. I’ve always associated Louis Vuitton with a “you’ve made it” status and in terms of their canvas/logo, it’s iconic. They also have really good resale value for the most part and they have many different styles/price points. However, I think I’ve purchased my fair share of monogram/LV pieces and

their new collections haven’t really pulled at my heartstrings recently, so I’ll be taking a break from LV (I think) and give other brands like Dior, YSL, Celine a chance.

What type of handbag trend do you want to leave in 2021?

I know this will be a VERY unpopular opinion, but I’m SO tired of the Prada Re-edition/multi pochette/the fabric strap Louis Vuitton is throwing on everything. I think it’s overdone at this point and I get that it’s versatile in the sense that when it’s no longer a “trend” you can take it apart and use it individually, but I’m not really an SLG person so I would have no use for that many SLGs. I also think fakes/purchasing from DHgate has been glorified so much on Tik Tok/social media and that is definitely a trend we should leave in 2021.

Do you have any goals for 2021?

I don’t have any social media goals, but I am hoping to move up professionally and gain more experience in the field I’m in. I will be moving in with my boyfriend next month so we’re really excited about the next step in our relationship. I’m also HOPING to travel again at some point this year as well, when it is safe.

Check out Celesta on her socials!

Instagram: @itscelesta

Tik Tok: @itscelesta

Blog: https://simplycelesta.wixsite.com/home

Thanks so much for being apart of this, Celesta! I hope you all enjoy her interview as much as I did!

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