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Feeling Refreshed with Fresh Hibiscus Tea!

Firdaws Ashiru is founder of Baton Rouge based company, Fresh Hibiscus Tea! Originally from Nigeria, Firdaws has always loved hibiscus tea, which is a staple in Nigerian households.

Firdaws moved to the states in 2009, and quickly noticed that high quality hibiscus tea was not readily available in South Louisiana. After years of not being able to find the delicious, tasty tea that she knew and loved at home, she decided to create her business Fresh Hibiscus Tea.

Firdaws has been able to be creative and innovative since owning her business. She has been able to develop different varieties that can appeal to everyone's palate.

Hibiscus tea has a long history in Nigeria, as it is so enjoyable. Fresh Hibiscus Tea has a lot of health benefits, including many antioxidants and vitamin C.

Firdaws says that the market always needs a good soda alternative for people to enjoy. Fresh Hibiscus Tea is a drink that it refreshing and tasty, but also so good for you. She says "I am a huge advocate for creating a balanced lifestyle and that is exactly the kind of hibiscus tea we produce." Firdaws enjoys being a part of many people's journey to healthier living!

In 2021, Firdaws and her team plan on getting Fresh Hibiscus Tea into as many stores as possible!

You can find Fresh Hibiscus Tea here:

Web: https://freshhibiscustea.com/

Instagram: @freshhibiscustea

Find it Locally at Matherne's!

Read more about Fresh Hibiscus Tea in other features. As seen in BR Business Report, WWL, Lion's Roar Newspaper for SLU, and Travel Noire!

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