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Hand Sewn Nature by Deborah Jordan!

Deborah Jordan creates hand sewn creations using up-cycled fabrics and book remnants here in Baton Rouge.

Deborah says that so many people "identify with nature as an integral part of their lives and memories." She is able to offer customer sentimental pieces with custom elements that mean something to them personally. Deborah also sells gorgeous embroidered masks and blankets hand woven in Mexico!

Deborah's business is a collection of fond memories and memorable commissions. She is often commissioned to create a custom piece, usually a bird, that is made to commemorate a loved one who has passed. She is given pieces of lace, fabric and buttons from that person to incorporate into her design.

Being able to discuss the memories that these birds evoke is "uplifting" to Deborah. She says it is such an honor to her to be able to create these pieces that will help preserve such fond memories. Deborah has been able to meet many new customers by doing local markets, like the Mid City Makers Market. Being able to meet people and learn their stories in real time is something Deborah really enjoys.

Deborah's largest inspiration is her father. He was an avid bird watcher and wildlife refuge in his later years, so many of her pieces have direct inspiration from him. The first bird Deborah ever made had pieces of an army-issued blanket that her father used while he attended LSU after WWII. Her father instilled "a love of nature in all of his children and demonstrated the importance of making it a part of their lives".

In 2021, Deborah plans on making a larger scale pieces for herself. She is going to try to work hard to stray away from realism, and try out some new techniques. Her grand-nephew encourage her to “just do something you like! Any color, all colors, it doesn’t have to look real!" Be sure to look for Deborah at upcoming Mid City Makers Markets and watch out for her fabulous new haircut!

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