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Hawaiian BBQ: A-Leaux-ha Grindz

In a city filled with delicious food, Peter Mates is offering New Orleans something new.

Peter is an environmental scientist by day, and a chef by night! Based in Mid-City, Peter sells some of the best quality, authentic Hawaiian BBQ plate lunches in New Orleans. He has recently started doing pop-ups to sell his food, and so far it has been a huge hit.

Peter's mother and her family are originally from Oahu, Hawaii. He grew up eating Hawaiian food, so he has always been very passionate about Hawaiian food and culture. He is originally from Chicago, but has had the opportunity to work in some kitchens and food trucks in Honolulu. This is where he really mastered the recipes for the cuisine. After moving to Louisiana for college, he noticed that there were no solid Hawaiian BBQ options and he wanted to be able to share it with his new community.

In 2021, Peter has seen steady and consistent growth for his business. He has been surrounded by supportive friends and community members that make sure to come to every pop-up.

Some of his customers have had Hawaiian BBQ before, but most of them are trying it for the first time. Everyone seems to love the Hawaiian flavors and gravy on rice that Peter eats. He loves seeing people enjoy his food and it motivates him to keep creating.

In 2021, Peter plans to do a pop-up at least once a month and add some new menu items to cater to a larger audience!

Go see Peter this weekend (February 27th) for his pop-up! He will be serving from 11 am-5 pm in Mid-City! To get more details on the location, DM him on Instagram @aleauxha_grindz!

Cannot wait to come try your food soon, Peter!

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