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Jewelry Spotlight: Abba + Nim

Nimia Saleh creates gorgeous jewelry from her home office, right here in Baton Rouge!

Each Abba + Nim piece is created with gold plated, brass pieces and gemstone pieces. Nimia currently designs and creates necklaces and earrings! Nimia originally worked with clothing, but shifted her efforts to hand create jewelry. When she worked in retail, she would go shop at markets for boutique clothing, but was not fulfilled. She felt like so many of the options at markets were not size inclusive, or the quality that the items should be given the price.

After giving it much thought, Nimia decided to begin creating jewelry. She wanted her business to mean much more than what she simply shopped and sold. She loved having control of the creative process and the quality of materials that went into each product. Additionally, this business venture allowed Nimia to create jobs for women in Honduras. You can watch a video to learn more about her work in Honduras and the lovely ladies she worked with here: https://youtu.be/qGepmckUluw

Everyday, Nimia is inspired by women. She credits her mom, grandma, sisters and the women she worked with in Honduras specifically as her inspiration. She sees so much passion and endurance in the women that she works with, so she really wanted "to create pieces that are quality that celebrate women and our individual uniqueness."

Abba + Nim had an incredible year last year, but that is not stopping Nimia from stepping back and refocusing. "I’m hoping to make difference in the local community of women here in Baton Rouge. Honduras unfortunately can no longer be an option because of COVID and so many travel restrictions. There were also two hurricanes that destroyed the airports and a lot of the roads to get to the ladies there. For all of our safety and because the obstacles have just become too much, we no longer work in Honduras.But I do hope to be able to reconnect sometime down the line and work with them again."

Check out Abba + Nim Online!

Instagram: @abba.nim

Website: abbanim.com

Email: info@abbanim.com

Youtube: https://youtu.be/qGepmckUluw

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