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Jewelry Spotlight: Beneath the Bark

Molly Taylor Hatcher makes the coolest wood products...but it is not furniture!

Based in Baton Rouge, Molly designs and crafts handmade wood accessories such as jewelry, handbags, wall art and home décor. She started this creative journey back in 2014. She started the business when she wanted to give her friends and family unique Christmas gifts, but couldn't decide on what. Since she started, she has continually drawn inspiration from nature, friends and fashion to carefully craft each of her pieces.

In 2019, Molly was able to attend New York Fashion Week to showcase her collection. Since then, she has been featured in hugely popular magazines like Vanity Fair, Elle, Vogue, and The Cut.

Every piece that Molly creates is made with locally sourced, reclaimed and salvaged wood from here in Louisiana. While her pieces make incredible statements, you will find that they are shockingly more light and comfortable than what you may expect. Molly makes earrings, bags, wall art, belts, rings and necklaces...just to name a few products!

In 2021, Molly wants to create more new pieces and connect with new people from all over the world. Molly's creations are gorgeous and unique, but getting to know her personally was such a joy! She is a ray of light and her spirit carries into her work.

Check out Molly online!

Website: www.beneaththebarkjewelry.com

Instagram: @beneaththebarkjewelry

Philanthropy: #shopforacause... Molly helps plant bald cypress trees to restore Louisiana's coastal wetlands with proceeds from every sale!

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