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Jewelry Spotlight: Darrow Collections

Updated: Mar 4

Ali Bergeron decided to launch her own line of jewelry and we love her classic styles!

Ali Bergeron is a Darrow, Louisiana native who know resides in Manhattan. When she decided she wanted to start a jewelry business during the COVID-19 pandemic, she decided to name it after her beloved hometown, Darrow, as an homage to her roots. She had been living in New York City for several years, working in the beauty industry, but decided she wanted to follow her dream and launch her own brand. During the initial lockdown, Ali and her boyfriend left New York City to come home for awhile, but ended up staying for four months. While spending time at her mother's kitchen table, she decided it was finally the right time to finally start this business.

Ali creates elegant, timeless jewelry while pulling inspiration from her hometown and Manhattan. She creates a lot of gorgeous golden baubles using wire wrapping techniques, pearls and so much more! Her gorgeous styles are bound to match with any outfit you have planned, whether you are relaxing at home or grabbing dinner.

In 2021, Ali plans to create more custom pieces for her clients, so that they have more sentimental value. She says that Garance Dore said it best: "Jewelry is a very personal thing...it should tell a story about who is wearing it."

Since embarking on this new jewelry-making journey, Ali has been able to experience so much joy and fulfillment. Since starting the company, she was able to reunite with her high school best friend, Andi Berthelot. Andi is the owner of the precious shop, The Keeping Room, here in Baton Rouge. Andi has served as a large source of inspiration and knowledge for Ali, as she continues to navigate being a new business owner.

Ali has been blessed to receive constant support and inspiration from her family and boyfriend as well. Ali said one of her biggest fans and motivators is her godchild, Addy. During the original COVID-19 lockdown, Addy would stay up with Ali all night long to help her create some of her first pieces. Addy's admiration and dedication to the new brand made Ali realize that she really wanted to stick to this her business and build this brand.

To the right, you can see pictures of the pieces from her original collection. Each piece is named after her family members, since they pushed her to get where she is today.

Ali's story is a great example of entrepreneurship and following your dreams, and I believe everyone can draw some inspiration from that.

Ali, I cannot wait to watch you grow AND grab my first piece from Darrow Collections!

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