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Jewelry Spotlight: LM Designs

Landon Millsap, the creator behind LM Designs, creates reworked designer jewelry and accessories in her hometown of Ruston, LA!

LM Designs is an up and coming jewelry brand. Landon creates custom pieces using antique luxury buttons and zipper chains. She also has a collection of everyday statement gold pieces, such as necklaces, earrings and bracelets that can fit into a more day-to-day look. More recently, Landon launched her Rags & Riches hat collection that features high quality, silk lined rancher and boater hats. The Rags & Riches collection has allowed her to grow her brand so much more, and brand out into more accessories. She says "a hat just adds so much character to an outfit in ways that are bold and feminine!"

Landon says she has always had a special love for jewelry. She used to spend time with her grandmother and watch her adorn herself with golden necklaces, earrings and bracelets at her antique vanity. Her grandmother used to uniquely layer her pieces to create a gorgeous look each time. Landon says she "will never forget the feeling of pure bliss that swept over me as I admired myself in the mirror with my grandmother’s jewelry on." Landon wanted LM Designs to inspire people and allow them to feel the same bliss she did as a child playing with her grandmother's golden jewelry.

Landon says "I love the idea of creating something from nothing—using long forgotten about items like buttons and crafting them into wearable jewelry with beauty and elegance. I love what I do. I love who I do this for—my customers who have become some of my closest friends." Handcrafted jewelry is not as common as it once was, and Landon really put energy into her pieces so that customers can feel the love that went in to each piece.

Landon says that her heart still skips a beat each time a customer orders a custom jewelry piece or hat from her. She feels blessed to have grown a customer base that invests in her products, but also her! Knowing the work that she puts in to each piece to refine and create it into something so fresh is so loved by her customers warms her heart.

In 2021, Landon plans to continue to grow her business and add a few new collections. She is currently working to build a more simplistic collection that features everyday, gold, tarnish-proof pieces. Additionally, she will be launching a NEW Spring hat collection shortly that she is super excited for everyone to see! Landon says none of this growth and success would be possible without God, and that she plans to let Him continue to guide her through her business venture.

Check out LM Designs on Instagram @landonsdesigns!

& stay tuned for her NEW website that will launch soon (www.lmdesigns.com.co)

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