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Jewelry Spotlight: Olivia Winters Designs

Olivia Winters designs is a trendy, affordable jewelry brand based out of Baton Rouge!

Olivia Winters Designs started as an outlet for Olivia Ortego to create. Olivia had worked in retail for years and has always been extremely into fashion. She always loved to create pieces to add her own touch when styling her outfits and accessories. For a long time, Olivia enjoyed making her own jewelry or accessories when she had the opportunity instead of buying it. She has used this passion and creativity to launch her own brand, so that we can all wear her fun creations!

Olivia creates bracelets, necklaces, earrings and accessories that are stylish and affordable. Each piece is carefully created and designed by Olivia. Every time she creates a new piece, she makes sure it is something she would like herself, but she also makes sure that it is consistent with her brand.

I personally own several of Olivia's earrings and hair accessories and cannot speak highly enough of the quality and style! Each piece is comfortable, but enhances any look I go for!

Since starting Olivia Winters Designs, she has been able to work many pop-ups, booths and even sell her work at The Royal Standard! Her fondest memory as a business owner was her very first pop-up for the Baton Rouge Fashion Council Fall Fashion Fest in August of 2019. She said she will never forget "the feeling of excitement I felt preparing for the event in the weeks leading up to it, setting up my booth making sure everything was in its place, and meeting everyone who attended the event." Since then, she has fallen in love with pop-ups and has been inspired to do more along the way, like the multi-week-long Local Pop-Up Holiday Shop event at Perkins Rowe in 2019 and the Sweet Baton Rouge Flagship store in 2020.

Olivia says she has been blessed with the love and support of her family, who continually motivate her. Her mom in particular is her biggest fan, and also a large source of inspiration for her. Her mom has always helped her manage orders and deliveries, but also helps oversee their retail booth spaces and expand their wholesale market. Olivia says that without her mom's help, none of this success and growth would be possible!

In 2021, Olivia plans to continue to grow the brand and offer more new, exciting products!

Check out Olivia's socials and website!

Website: https://oliviawintersdesigns.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oliviawintersdesigns/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oliviawintersdesigns/

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