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Jewelry Spotlight: Teragram Designs

Leah Messer is the designer behind Teragram Designs, a Baton Rouge-based small batch jewelry company!

Leah is very inspired by nature and art history, since she studied art history in college. Leah designs her jewelry pieces with a lot of natural stones, as well as "gleaning inspiration from Ancient Egyptian art."

Along the way, Leah's jewelry business enabled her to open a local women's collective shop in New Orleans. At the shop, Leah sold handmade items from other local makers, ranging from stained glass, ceramics and jewelry.

Leah unfortunately had to close this shop due to COVID-19, but it allowed her to immerse herself further into the art community. Being able to be "apart of a collective of women supporting one another was very rewarding and I look forward to doing it again in the near future.

In 2021, Leah wants to keep going to Midcity Makers Market. She has missed being able to interact with her customers and see their reactions real time. Her customer's comments often spark new creative ideas and potential product lines. One of my personal favorite collections from Teragram Designs is the upcycled, designer button jewelry.

You find Teragram Designs locally at Merci Beaucoup and The Royal Standard or shop online at: www.teragramdesigns.com

And follow Teragram Designs on Instagram too to keep track of Leah's latest and greatest collections!


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