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#JewelrySpotlight: MIMOSA Handcrafted

Madeline Ellis is the genius behind a Baton Rouge cult classic brand, Mimosa Handcrafted.

MIMOSA Handcrafted began in 2008, but became a full tine venture in 2013. Madeline Ellis and her husband create these jewelry pieces together, and it has really paid off. Each piece is made using the lost wax casting method. Essentially, they create a very detailed carved wax mold, turn it to plaster, and from that point, they can pour metal in to create a gorgeous creation. They typically use bronze, but you can also get your pieces made with sterling silver and gold!

Each piece of jewelry is made in-house by hand in South Louisiana. The pieces are inspired by things you would find in South Louisiana, as well as universally loved items. You can find crawfish, Mardi Gras masks, pelicans and so many more Louisiana staples as a part of Madeline's jewelry design. My personal favorite pieces are inspired by the gorgeous windows of the Old State Capital!

Madeline loves being able to connect with customers at shops and markets, like Mid City Maker's Market, and learning about what each MIMOSA piece mean to them. Madeline and her team work hard to pay it forward back into the BR community.

In 2021, Madeline plans on creating more MIMOSA pieces that will be able to be used "as tools for connection to each other, to beauty, to nature and as physical reminders to pause and be present throughout our days." Madeline and the MIMOSA team also want to "refocus our efforts to be stewards for good in our community, really finding how that is most meaningful and effective long term." On a personal note, she intends to stay healthy and connected to friends and family in these unprecedented times!

You will find that these pieces hold a lot of sentimental value to those who own them. They make incredible gifts for loved ones who moved away and long for South Louisiana, or even your friends who live in town. This is an extremely special jewelry company who continues to grow and spread positivity in our community, even when times are weird!

Check out MIMOSA online!

- https://mimosahandcrafted.com/

- Instagram: @mimosahandcrafted

- Find Madeline's pieces locally at Lee Michael's Fine Jewelry, Wanderlust by Abby, Hey Penelope, Bumble Lane and so many other places!

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