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#LocalArtist: Aline Prints + Designs

Check out Aline Moreaux, one of Baton Rouge's most talented graphic designers!

Aline Prints + Designs makes the cutest stickers, greeting cards and prints "inspired by the flora, fauna, and culture" of her home state, Louisiana. Her work combines traditional media and digital art to creative unique, lively and folksy original artwork.

Aline was inspired by her art teacher, Nicole Callac, in her junior year of high school to become a professional artist. Nicole Callac was a young, fresh face at the school who made a living teaching and selling artwork through various channels, like Mid City Makers Market. Aline said "I thought it was awesome how she literally lived, breathed, and made a living off art- so I decided I wanted to do that too!"

As a business owner, she had had to take a lot of risks. She began Aline Prints + Designs while she was still in college, so spending money on inventory, shipping supplies and other collateral items was a lot to stomach at such a young age. However, Aline says that investing in herself has really proven to pay off!

Aline has fallen in love with meeting her customers face-to-face at in person markets, and says that nothing compares to seeing people's reactions to her art in real life. She has a really good customer base that makes sure to visit her at markets and via her website.

In 2021, Aline plans to make some different art pieces that really speak to her heart, rather than focusing so much on an audience. She says that this art could vary a bit from her tried and true styles, so be sure to follow along to see her renaissance.

I am so happy to share Aline's story and brand! I personally own several of her stickers, and I smile every time I look at them. Thank you for sharing!

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