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#LocalArtist: Jennifer Poe

Jennifer Poe creates colorful, contemporary art that can fit in to any space!

Based in Baton Rouge, Jennifer sells original artwork. She uses a diverse color palette and abstract shapes to create unique pieces for any home. You can find Jennifer's artwork at The Foyer in Baton Rouge, or you can simply DM her on Instagram to get a commission set up.

As an artist, Jennifer has been able to tackle some unique and challenging tasks. One of her favorite memories was painting a large live painting of thousands of people during a charity event. This event was to benefit the Bella Bowman Foundation, which aims to help children with cancer and their families. Jennifer was stressed to create this live painting, as she only had an hour and a half to complete it. Once she completed the artwork, it was bid on in an auction and given back to Bella Bowman's family.

Jennifer says that art affords her the ability to feel so much joy. Her artwork is inspired by music venues, the weather and happy thoughts.

To this day, Jennifer is motivated and inspired by her third grade teacher who told her that she did not follow directions for her project in art class. Jennifer holds on to this picture (shown to the right) and hangs it proudly in her studio. This piece serves as a constant reminder that there are no rules in creativity!

Contact Jennifer on Instagram!


& Go see her set up at The Foyer!


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