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#LocalArtist: Kristen Binning Art

Kristen Binning is an abstract mixed media artist. She uses alcohol inks, acrylic and glass pieces on canvas, linens, papers and glasswares.

Kristen creates unique, gorgeous works of art that are guaranteed to catch anyones eyes! She also uses her techniques to create home decor, such as wine glasses, ring trays, and crosses.

Kristen says that she is constantly inspired by the people she gets to meet. She loves being able to create so many pieces of original artwork for her clients...especially if it is their first! So many of her pieces have made memorable gifts for people.

Kristen has even began hosting classes to teach people her techniques. She teaches people how to create unique canvases and alcohol ink art. Her next class is this Thursday at Three Roll Estate!

She is constantly inspired by her daughters, who push her to continue her work as an artist no matter how hard it gets or whatever comes up. She is also inspired by other local artists around her, they create an incredible community that is so encouraging. They all learn from each other and push each other to grow! Kristen says the innovation within the local community inspires her.

Kristen wants to continue doing her local art classes, but also wants to start collaborating with other local artists. She says "I’m fascinated by so many things artists are doing and I know from talking to people that they’re wanting more art in their lives and in their homes. I’m flattered when some of the art that they want comes from me but am also passionate about connecting people to other artists who I think they’d love too."

Check out Kristen's website to see a few items that she has for sale:

- www.kristenbinningart.com

- Instagram: @kristen_binning_art

You can also schedule private parties with her through website and set up wholesale deals.

Sometimes you can see her artwork at local shops like City Roots and Trends By Design! You will absolutely love her pieces and be able to find a gift for any one who needs one!

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