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Low Fodmap Diet Tips with Jamie!

Jamie Drummond started doing the low fodmap diet a few months back and it has changed her life! Read her post to learn more about the diet and some tips and tricks!

"I have had digestion issues my whole life but started to get worse the older I got. No medicine could reduce my bloating and stomach pain. Recently, my gastroenterologist suggested I try the low fodmap diet. After a week or two, all my digestive symptoms had diminished. Now, I am reintroducing foods into my diet, taking note of when my body is reacting poorly in order to avoid those foods. The low fodmap diet has been the saving grace to enjoying my life and my food!

What is Low Fodmap?

This diet is an elimination diet of fodmaps, which are types of carbs found in foods which are known to cause digestive issues.

- Fodmap: Fermentable oligo, di, mono-saccharides and polyols.

- Digestive issues include bloating, gas, and abdominal pain

- Once symptoms have decreased substantially (this period is called the elimination phase), you reintroduce fodmaps by category (reintroduction phase). Make note of which foods trigger a digestive response to remove from diet.

- Basic foods to avoid: gluten, dairy, garlic, onion

Tips for Success:

1. Utilize apps:

- Spoonful: barcode scanner that will analyze ingredients for any allergens such as fodmaps. This is a life saver when at the grocery store.

- Cara Care: digital food journal that analyzes eating patterns and IBS symptoms to identify trigger foods.

2. Find food swaps you enjoy

- Green onion tips = onion

- Garlic infused olive oil = garlic

- Low fodmap spice blends

- Local favorite Red Stick Spice offers low fodmap blends including Tex-mex, cajun creole, and Indian curry

3. Modify your favorite foods:

- You can find a swap for almost anything now: non-dairy milks, gluten free flour, etc

- Several blogs out there with delicious recipes (funwithoutfodmaps.com)

- Also helpful for motivation and recipe inspo. Instagram, Reddit, TikTok are great places to find a community


This diet is not forever. The elimination phase lasts for 3-6 weeks, or whenever your digestive symptoms have decreased. Be patient and forgiving with yourself. In the end, this diet is about finding foods that make you feel great."

In addition to sharing this awesome information, Jamie included a few pictures of her favorite low fodmap grocery items that everyone on this diet should keep on hand!

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