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Sittin' & Sippin' at Mid City Beer Garden!

Mid City Beer Garden is located at 3808 Government Street right here in Baton Rouge! It is nestled in a lively neighborhood in Mid City!

Mid City Beer Garden is an incredible place to go grab dinner or brunch with friends. Here, they feature over 50 taps that pour beer, kombucha, cold brew coffee and wine. You can also find a delicious seasonal cocktail menu, with some of my personal favorites like the Pinot Freezio and the King Cake Daiquiri!

While Mid City Beer Garden has incredible beer, wine and cocktails, they also have INCREDIBLE foods! Brunch is served weekly on Sundays, new beers are introduced every Monday and Taco Tuesday is a special they run every Tuesday! At Sunday brunch, you can expect homemade brunch favorites, including hash browns and smoked cheddar cheese grits. On Monday's you can grab a pitcher of their newly featured beer and get an order of cheese fries for half off. On Taco Tuesday, you can grab beef or veggies tacos topped with lettuce, tomato and cheddar for only $1.00 each! One of my favorite menu items at Mid City Beer Garden is the Chelsea's grilled cheese and tomato basil soup. If you ever went to Chelsea's when it was still around, you know that this is such a TREAT!

Mid City Beer Garden has been open for a little over a year, and the co-owner, Kelli Paxton, has had to take a ton of risks to build this business to be where it is today. She spent her life savings to build this business from the ground up, and has had to rely on the reputations of Chelsea's and Radio Bar to really get going. Thankfully, the community has embraced this concept so well, and it has become a fan favorite!

Mid City Beer Garden is a gorgeous, courtyard style dining area that allows customers to visit with friends in an upbeat, modern atmosphere. It is so much more relaxed and enjoyable than a normal bar, that so many younger adults have made this a go-to spot with friends when they need a quick bite of a cold glass of beer.

Kelli Paxton says her favorite memory at MCBG so far was their first LSU "Gameday in the Garden." They were nervous initially, but the turnout ended up being overwhelming and they ran out of seats for everyone! But customers continued to come in, get some cheese fries and sing along to "Louisiana Saturday Night." And with that LSU win, everyone left exhilarated, smiling ear-to-ear.

Kelli Paxton had always known she wanted to be a bar owner, since working downtown in Baton Rouge as a bar tender years ago. After college, she gathered design inspiration and knowledge as she worked in many bars in big cities like Nashville, Portland and Mexico City. Bars she saw in Central America really inspired the green, open air concept that they designed the MCBG to achieve. Since it rains over 109 days a year in Baton Rouge, they built their courtyard to be climate controlled and partially covered, so that every day is a good day to go to the garden!

In 2020, they won several 2020 Best of 225 awards. They claimed "Best Overall Bar", "Best Place to Drink Craft Beer", and "Best Outdoor Seating". They really would like to claim these titles again in 2021, and I think they easily can! If you haven't been here yet, you need to go as soon as possible!

You can even bring your dog to the party! Louie (@louisianalouie) is a big fan of the garden himself!

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Mid City Beer Garden

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