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Soothe Your Skin with Thomas Therapeutics, LLC!

Erin White is using her background in biology to create groundbreaking product to help meet her client's skincare goals!

Based out of Innovation Park in Baton Rouge, Erin White is the proud owner of two companies, Thomas Therapeutics, LLC and Sensitive Skin Science, LLC. Thomas Therapeutics offers her wide range of skincare products, while Sensitive Skin Science is a consulting service where Erin can perform skin assessments and help clients meet their skin goals. During the assessment, Erin makes note of diets, allergens and current skin care problems, so that she can offer a better solution to her clients. While she is not a dermatologist by trade, she has been able to use her extensive background in microbiology to formulate products that specifically treat eczema and sensitive skin.

In effort to start her business, Erin had to take a leap of faith. She has degrees in microbiology, physics and biotechnology, but was never satisfied working in a normal lab. Through her dedication and education, she has been able to create amazing products to help people with unique skin problems.

Erin loves seeing before and after photos from her clients. It is really rewarding for her to see her extensive research, experience and product development pay off. I personally was able to get rid of painful life-long eczema two years ago using Erin's product, Restora Skin Therapy.

Erin has always thrived on solving problems. She was raised by her mother and grandmother here in Baton Rouge. Her maternal grandparents are her biggest inspiration. Erin describes her grandmother as the definition of "poise, grace and perseverance." Her grandmother lived through the Great Depression, survived integration AND was the first black educator at Baker High School just north of Baton Rouge! If that is not impressive, I don't know what is!

In 2021, Erin plans to increase her social media presence, drive more traffic to her websites, and boost awareness for her consultation service, Sensitive Skin Science. Erin will also be dedicating extra energy to her passion project, The Black Women's Wellness Summit. The Black Women’s Wellness Summit is a quarterly event that tackles what wellness looks like from many facets, including food, physical, mental, and financial health. We also discuss the Black Maternal Health Crisis, journaling, and other wellness outlets.

Beyond 2021, Erin wants to dominate the skincare world! If anyone can do it, it is you, Erin!

Contact Erin through the following channels:

-Website: www.sootheurskin.com

- Email: aunaturel@sootheurskin.com

- Instagram: @thomastherapeutics_llc

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