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Summer Cocktails with Bourboneering

Today, the host of The Bourboneering Podcast, Austin has shared some of his favorite Summer time cocktails! My personal favorite is the classic daiquiri (seen below)!

Hi, my name is Austin. I am the host of The Bourboneering Podcast, whiskey nerd, and amateur mixologist on Youtube. I am here to share my favorite Summer time cocktails. I’m branching off of my whiskey knowledge to share some cocktails with other spirits.

Somethings to note when preparing cocktails in general:

1. Fresh squeezed citrus juice is always better than out of a bottle, but the bottled stuff is great if you’re making a lot at one time.

2. Make cocktails to your budget. You can make great cocktails for cheap, but higher quality ingredients definitely make higher quality cocktails

Now that’s out of the way, lets get to the drinks!

Cocktail 1: Bourbonade

This is a cocktail that can be easily made into a big batch for a group. Simply keep the same ratios between the ingredients

The Build:

2 oz Bourbon (I like Makers Mark here)

4 oz Lemonade

0.25 oz Simple Syrup (equal parts of table sugar and water dissolved together)

2 dashes of Angostura Bitters

Take a beer glass or a red solo cup, fill it with ice, and add the ingredients above. Stir to mix and dilute the drink. Also great in a big pitcher with friends

Cocktail 2: Ranch Water

This tequila cocktail is almost homemade Whiteclaw. It is a “healthy” margarita. Perfect

poolside, but not great made ahead of time.

The Build:

2 oz Blanco Tequila

1 oz Fresh Lemon Juice

4 oz of Topo Chico

Another great solo cup sipper by the pool. I would suggest an ice chest to keep all the ingredients separate but ice cold.

Cocktail 3: The Daiquiri

No, this is not the frozen sugar bombs that you get at the local Drive Thru (which I do love on occasion). This is a classic cocktail with lime and rum. This is my favorite cocktail in the summer. It is easy to make your own by adding a few strawberries or blueberries.

The Build:

2 oz White Rum (play with some funky Brazilian style rums for an interesting drink)

1 oz Fresh Lime juice

0.5 oz Simple Syrup

Put all ingredients in a shaker with ice and shake 15 to 30 seconds. Strain into a chilled glass. Enjoy!

I hope you enjoy these summer time cocktails. For more cocktail recipes, check out Bourboneering on Youtube.

If you want to learn more about whiskey, tune into The Bourboneering Podcast wherever you get your podcasts. You can see more and connect with me on Instagram @bourboneering

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