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#TrendTuesday: JEMMA Handbags

Joanna Lau is a former finance professional who decided to take a leap of faith and create JEMMA, a handbag option designed for working women!

JEMMA is based out of New York City, but their #JEMMAGirl community spans all over the world. JEMMA is a direct-to-consumer woman-owed business that creates sleek work bags with designer quality materials. Each handbag is designed in New York and crafted with Italian leathers and fabrics. JEMMA bags are designed with versatility in mind, so you can carry your bag from day to night...while holding your laptop and so much more!

Joanna says that her journey as an entrepreneur has been challenging, but extremely rewarding! Seeing JEMMA bags out in the wild, online or in the streets of NYC, fills her with so much joy! JEMMA bags have been out for several years now, but the thrill of seeing a stranger rocking a JEMMA bag will probably never go away for her!

Joanna says that she is very inspired by other entrepreneurs. She says "I've always been inspired by entrepreneurs that have come before me. The grit and determination that they had to succeed always spurs on me to do better." Joanna cited that Sara Blakely of Spanx and Phil Knight of Nike are two entrepreneurs in particular that she really looks up to!

In 2021, Joanna and her team plan to continually work on redefining what a handbag should be. JEMMA is built specifically for working women and they constantly keep that in mind and adapt their styles to best suit the modern woman's lifestyle!

JEMMA offers a wide ranges of styles and colors, so everyone is able to find their best fit! In fact, they have a Style Quiz on their website, so they can help you determine what style best suits your lifestyle. My personal favorite styles are the EMMA and POPPINS because they both have a discreet laptop sleeve, but looks like gorgeous, timeless handbags!

Fun fact about the POPPINS: it can be worn as a top-handle bag, a satchel OR a backpack! Its versatility and attractive shape makes it extremely unique!

As an accountant, I hope to snatch a JEMMA bag for myself this year! I always need to carry around my laptop, but do not love bulky bags that are traditionally used to carry around a laptop. According to the style quiz, EMMA is the best bag for me!

Check out JEMMA:

Website: https://jemmabag.com/

Instagram: @jemmagirlnyc

TikTok: JEMMAGirls

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